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Alpha Forge Coffee



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Experience the taste of Nicaragua with our medium roast coffee beans grown by smallholder farmers from Molino Norte. Certified SHG/EP, these beans have a tasting profile of cocoa, floral and citrus tones that will delight your taste buds.

Our Nicaraguan coffee beans are a blend of yellow and red CAtuai, Catimor & Parainema varieties, grown in the region of Molino Norte, Matagalpa at an altitude of 900-1590 M. The soil is rich in clay minerals, which gives the coffee its unique flavor.

We follow a meticulous process to bring you the best coffee experience. The beans are fully washed, fermented for 12-14 hours and then dried on patios and raised beds. This process ensures that every cup of coffee has a consistent taste and aroma that you will love.

Choose our Nicaraguan coffee for a taste that will transport you to the beautiful landscapes of Central America.

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